Fauna in Corbières

Fauna in Corbières country

Field birds

the more common are: skylark, goldfinch, blackbird, nightingale, twit, red-legged partridge… (http://www.oiseaux.net)

Birds of prey

buzzard, common kestrel, northern goshawk, kite, owl, tawny owl…

Hillside mammals

polecat, badger, weasel, fox, hedgehog, and for the hunters: hare, rabbit and an increasing population of wild boar.

River fish

barbel, gudgeon.


grass snake, eyed lizard, wall lizard.


including the magnificent spurge hawk moth.


grasshopper, dragonfly, rhinoceros beetle...


tree frog, common toad…


are still present in large quantity and are used in the regional cooking recipes e.g. in a sauce with ham or grilled.

NB: Mount Alaric is a natural zone of ecological interest by its biodiversity (listed as a “ZNIEFF”: Zone Naturelle d’Intérêt Ecologique Faunistique et Floristique) which plays an important role in bird conservation (listed as a “ZICO”: Zone Importante pour la Conservation des Oiseaux).



spurge hawk moth

spurge hawk moth

common kestrel

common kestrel