Green oak tree

A genuine natural sculpture, this forked green oak tree

has an astonishing circumference of over 3 m! It stands out in the surrounding “guarrigue” due to its 15 m height.

It is not known how old this tree is, but it is most probably over a hundred years old. Unfortunately it is not in good health.

This tree has been listed as "outstanding"; it is located in a sunny spot in a typical narrow valley of Mount Alaric.

How to find it : from the village, take the direction to Hamlet Réquy. At the wine cooperative, take the path on the right-hand side. 1800 m further down are located the ruins of Gabart. The Big Oak Tree is after the sheepfold of Gabart.

Before reaching the ruins of Sire, take the path on the right-hand side, after a stone heap carry on this path… You might end up finding it, otherwise, ask for help!

Green oak tree
Location Green oak tree