Chapel Carla

Chapel Notre-Dame du Carla

Dominating the gorges of Alsou, which winds through the hills of Lauza and Hull, it is a place full of history and legends. The people of Lagrasse and the surrounding villages, Val mainly for the faithful of the chapel, know this beautiful site where the view stretches from Lacam plate to the barrier of the mountain of Alaric. There stands a small chapel, part of which dates back to the twelfth century. She was half hidden by pines, cypress and oak trees.


on the D 3, after Villemagne Lagrasse and 5 km before, take a path on the right, marked by a small sign. To the left of the road a place to park.

After 20 minutes walk on a semi-shaded path 260 meters above sea level, a modest Chapel is set among pines and oaks.

The oldest part dates back to the twelfth century, the present chapel was built in 1875. It houses a stone statue of the thirteenth or fourteenth century, representing the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Carla.

The devotion to Notre-Dame du Carla remains with pilgrims from Val de Dagne that make the climb Hill twice a year (the first Sunday of May and early September).

Facing the chapel, the barn was restored in 2006 at the initiative of an association "Friends of Notre-Dame du Carla" and the support of local authorities.

A Calvary, built atop the hill overlooking the gorges of Alsou between the hills of Lauza and Hull to Lacamp tray. The cross current in wrought iron is the work of a blacksmith of Rieux en Val in 1953. Beautiful views of the valley.

Chapel Carla
Chapel Carla